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5 Best POS Systems for Your Ecommerce Business in Australia

A good POS system allows you to make sales, track sales, and improve the ability to attract more customers! Here are 5 best POS systems for your Australian-based ecommerce business!

Today’s Point of Sale systems or POS systems are not just regular cash registers, but modern devices with hardware and software components. Thanks to new technologies, the POS systems today come equipped with extra functions such as customer relationship management, inventory management, and more.

Choosing a POS system will greatly affect your ecommerce business, sales, and revenue. Select a system that suits your type of business, your size of business, and has all the features you need now and in the future.

Here are 5 best POS systems, suitable for your Australian-based ecommerce business:

#1. Square: One of the most popular POS solutions for small businesses in Australia. The pricing structure is simple. The system offers a variety of customer support services and channels. Supports both iOS and Android devices and can operate in an offline mode. It is not suitable for rapidly growing businesses.

#2. Vend: A cloud-based system with a robust mobile sales option included. It has a 30-day trial and a free version available. It is a highly flexible and mobile POS system, an ideal choice for small businesses that don’t mind paying for 24/7 support. The biggest disadvantage is that uses third-party payment processors.

#3. Shopify: The perfect POS system for small businesses, retailers, and online merchants in Australia that wants to establish an on-site presence. It is easy to set up, excellent customer support, 14-day free trial, and the App Store. This POS system is excellent for businesses and brands that want to establish a brick-and-mortar presence as well.

#4. Bindo: An easy-to-use POS system with a simple user interface. The back-office functionalities and features are available from the register interface. This POS system is ideal for small shops and businesses with one or a few outlets. There is no 24/7 phone support which is considered to be the biggest disadvantage of Bindo.

#5. ShopKeep: A Point of Sale system with features that most small businesses in Australia will want. It comes equipped with apps for iOS and Android devices, 24/7 support, back-office information, and clear user-interface. The biggest disadvantage is that costs may increase with extra add-ons.

Choose a POS solution that will fit your business now and in the coming years.